VRChat Goo Shader

Collage of gooey vrchat avatars

This goo shader will make your avatar feel gooey, droopy and shiny like no other shader. It allows your avatar to react and expand to touch. Choose from a number of latex presets, or build one to match your needs.

It doubles as a slime shader too! Featuring various options for semi-transparency and intersection effects. Choose from various styles of slime in the included presets, or make your own!

An avatar with black goo
  • Fluid-like Deformation
  • Droopy Goo
  • Touch Reactivity
  • Transformation Animations
  • Shiny Reflections
  • Detail Latex Folds
  • NSFW addon
  • Black Latex Goo
  • White Latex Goo
  • Slime of various types
  • Honey Goo
  • Paint Goo
  • Mercury Goo
  • NSFW
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Avatar World NSFW Addon
An avatar with black goo
Transformation Included
The goo shader gives you the ability to make transformation sequences and animations. Choose from a smooth transformation animation across your whole mesh, a point-light option that lets others make you transform with proximity, or mix both at the same time!
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