VRChat Hypno Shaders

With 100 presets and 4 shaders, the VRChat Hypno shader pack is a must-have for any hypnosis enthusiast. No eyes needed, either! Apply it to anything from a stopwatch to paw-pads to glasses or even on to a world!

  • 100 Ready-to-go material presets
  • 10+ Ready-to-go avatar setup presets
  • Logarithmic Spiral Shader
  • 1D Gradient Hypno Shader
  • 2D Polar Kaleidoscope Hypno Shader
  • 3D Parallax Hypno Shader
  • Setup Tutorials
A vrchat dragon avatar with black and white hypnotic eyes
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Compatibility Tester
A collage or vrchat avatars with various hypnotic eyes
A dragon character with asymmetrical hypnotic eyes and a background hypno effect.
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Not sure if it'll work?
Try out our compatibility tester that lets you test to see if the eyes are compatible out of the box with your avatar. If they aren't, instructions and tutorials are included that will walk you through various methods of making the shader work for your avatars.
Compatibility Tester
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